Tutorials : How to Install a cracked MAC game after downloading it

I. How to extract .zip files

We strongly recommend The Unarchiver to unzip (it’s very common to have problems with other software)


All .zip files on our website are protected by a password, you will find the password in the game post (same password for the link protector and the .zip files)

if the archive is splitted to many parts (zip, z01, z02…), you must download all parts. To unzip, put all parts in the same folder, select the part with zip extension and use the Unarchiver (it detects automatically all the other part z01.z02…).

NOTE: if The Unarchiver didn’t work for you, you can use StuffIt Expander download or Winzip download or UnRarX download

II. How to install Cracked Mac App/Game

1. Drag the App/App Icon to the Applications Folder (like in this Screenshot )

Dragging the App/App Icon to the Applications Folder

2. when you try to install/launch the app/game, you come across an error like this one below


3. Don’t worry, to fix the error:

– Open System Preferences

– Navigate to Security & Privacy

– Unlock the lock in the bottom left corner (See Screenshot1)

– In the “Allow apps downloaded from:” section select “Anywhere” (See ScreenShot2)

 4. if the problem is not solved, and you still have an error when you try to open the app
first, verify that you used The Unarchiver to unzip and not another software, if yes, read the instruction below:
– Open Terminal (you can use Spotlight)
– Write: cd /Applications
– then write this: sudo chown -R 755
NOTE: don’t write, you must replace it by the game app, (e.g. sudo chown -R 755 if the game app contains a space put an “\” (e.g. for Sleeping put this: sudo chown -R 755 Sleeping\



0. What is the password for link protector ! i can’t find the password for zip ?
in every game post you will find the password for link protector and for rar, the password is the same for both.

1. i get an error like “CRC failed in the encrypted file (wrong password ?)” / Corrupted file ?
make sure you use the UNARCHIVER to unzip and you have copied the password correctly

if the archive is splitted to many parts (zip, z01, z02…), you must download all parts. To unzip, put all parts in the same folder, select the part with zip extension and use the Unarchiver (it detects automatically all the other part z01.z02…).

if the problem is not solved with the Unarchiver, try Winzip download it here OR here.
if winzip also, shows you an error “corrupted file” that mean the file is corrupted, it happens sometimes for those who have bad internet connection quality and especially who download from mega. to solve it you have to delete the corrupted part or file and you have to redownload it, we recommend you to change your current browser to redownload the file (use Firefox or Chrome, Safari is not recommended). for better result, we highly recommend jdownloader or mipony it can detect the corrupted file automatically)

2. I found a .nfo file (activated, money..), what’s this ? i need it ?

.nfo is a contraction of “info” or “information” it contains information about the game (description, size, protection) and information about the team that cracked the game, it’s just an info file you don’t need it. all information you need are already in the post.

3. How to change the game language ?
you can change the game language in-game options menu if available or this method if your language is available

1.right-clic on game icon package content for file activated.ini it and change the line language=english by your language e.g. language=french or language=german or language=italian… the file

General troubleshooting to resolve common issues

the game does not start, the game crashes at launch or in-game error ?

1. Check the System Requirements before troubleshooting

Before spending time troubleshooting your game, it’s usually a good idea to check its System Requirements. This will let you know if it’s a problem with the game, or if it simply requires a more powerful Mac than you’ve got. you will find the minimum System Requirements in the game page

2. Adjust the game settings
Most games feature graphical or other settings that can be turned down to enable faster performance, and higher compatibility with older computers. It may be that the game’s settings are too high. Turning them down – lessening the graphical razzle-dazzle in exchange for reducing the burden on your hardware – can solve some problems.

3. Run the game from an Admin account
We often suggest that you don’t use an Admin account to do your day-to-day stuff in OS X (although most of the time we do). But if you’re running from a Standard account, and having problems, it’s worth switching to an Admin account.

Click System Preferences > Users and the Lock icon. Pick your account and select Allow User to Administer This Computer.

4. Clear the game caches
Games, like many apps, have a cache of data that is used to speed up load times. Clearing the game’s cache can help fix problems with the game.

These are typically found in the Caches folder inside your User/System folder. Find them by choosing Go > Go To Folder and entering ~/Library/Caches. Close the game, delete the caches for the game (this won’t prevent it from running) and restart the game.

5. Application Quarantined ?
if the application don’t start. it maybe because the application is Quarantined

use spotlight to search for an application called “Terminal”. Open it
type xattr -dr  followed by a space, then drag the game folder into the Terminal window, and press enter.


Once you got terminal open and just copy this line into the terminal
xattr -dr /<directory-path>/<app-name>.app

or you can do to All Files in your ~/Downloads directory
xattr -d -r ~/Downloads

6. User Permission Issues ?
if you can’t open the app. it maybe a File Permission Issues

– Open Terminal (you can use Spotlight)
– write: sudo chmod +x
– Drag here the APPNAME file (1.right-click on game icon package content will find it in Contents -> MacOS -> APPNAME)

7. i can’t open the.dmg file…dmg file is not recognized ?… i can’t mount the image ?

1. Control-click (or right click with two-button mouse) the .dmg file.
2. Go to “Open With” and choose Disk Utility
3. This will open the Disk Utility. MAKE SURE the dmg is the file selected.
4. Hit the Convert button. It’s on the top of the toolbar in the Disk Utility window.
5. Change the image format to “read only”, choose a destination (better on another partition), and hit “Save”.
6. Click the new .dmg file you have created. now you can mount it, and you can drag the game folder onto your computer as normal.

8. Reset your NVRAM and restart the game
Resetting the NVRAM can help in some instances where games crash. This Apple Support document has more information on resetting the NVRAM in your Apple Mac computer.

9. Update Java to make sure games work properly
If you’re having trouble with a game crashing you should make sure you’re running the latest version of Java. Click System Preferences > Java and click Update Now.

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