Tutorials : How to Install a cracked MAC game after downloading it

I. How to extract .zip files

We strongly recommend The Unarchiver to unzip (it’s very common to have problems with other software)


All .zip files on our website are protected by a password, you will find the password in the game post (same password for the link protector and the .zip files)

if the archive is splitted to many parts (zip, z01, z02…), you must download all parts. To unzip, put all parts in the same folder, select the part with zip extension and use the Unarchiver (it detects automatically all the other part z01.z02…).

NOTE: if The Unarchiver didn’t work for you, you can use StuffIt Expander download or Winzip download or UnRarX download

II. How to install Cracked Mac App/Game

1. Drag the App/App Icon to the Applications Folder (like in this Screenshot )

Dragging the App/App Icon to the Applications Folder

2. when you try to install/launch the app/game, you come across an error like this one below


3. Don’t worry, to fix the error:

– Open System Preferences

– Navigate to Security & Privacy

– Unlock the lock in the bottom left corner (See Screenshot1)

– In the “Allow apps downloaded from:” section select “Anywhere” (See ScreenShot2)

 4. if the problem is not solved, and you still have an error when you try to open the app
first, verify that you used The Unarchiver to unzip and not another software, if yes, read the instruction below:
– Open Terminal (you can use Spotlight)
– Write: cd /Applications
– then write this: sudo chown -R 755 AppName.app
NOTE: don’t write Appname.app, you must replace it by the game app, (e.g. sudo chown -R 755 Firewatch.app). if the game app contains a space put an “\” (e.g. for Sleeping Dogs.app put this: sudo chown -R 755 Sleeping\ Dogs.app)